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UK vs. USA Vaping Showdown

Both countries are similar but, at the same time, vastly different. The vaping situation significantly clashes between the UK and the US. Even the medical fields and government officials have a different stance on the benefits and dangers of vaping. Why is that? What do we know about their thoughts? Most importantly, how does that affect you and your purchasing power?

Vaping in the UK

In the UK, vaping is highly regulated. Surprisingly, more so than the United States. The highest nicotine levels in the UK can only be 23/ml. They do not advertise on social media, TV, or radio, and the ban of vitamin E acetate from their vaping products.

The UK is for the products of vaping products because they are an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Health professionals in the UK determine that even though nicotine is an addictive chemical, it does not lead to widespread health problems. Smoking cigarettes breathe in harmful toxins, while vaping is a cleaner alternative.

Vaping in the US

In 2019, 68 people died after using vaping products. Vitamin E acetate has since been determined to cause the lung injury. While some states have since banned the sale of vaping products containing Vitamin E acetate, the Federal Government has not. Instead, they are determined to deny vaping products altogether.

More than half of all high school students either vape or have tried vaping. This is vastly different from the UK, as only a tiny percentage of high school students vape. In the United States, you need to be 21 years or older to legally use vaping products as well as cigarettes. The United States puts vaping products in the same category as cigarettes because many believe they are just as harmful. But why?

Theories on Why They are Different

The UK and the US view the medical data differently. The officials understand vaping is much less dangerous than smoking cigarettes in the UK. In fact, it is encouraged to use vaping to quit smoking by many. While in the US, the government views vaping as annoying and dangerous as smoking.

Big tobacco companies may have a hand with propaganda in the United States. The US taxes smokers on every pack of cigarettes, going up each year bot the government and tobacco companies make bank on the consumers. Also, these two entities like to put the smokers and the vaping community at odds. For some reason, both groups have animosity towards one another.

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 | World's Finest Bridgeport |  | UK vs. USA Vaping Showdown
 | World's Finest Bridgeport |  | UK vs. USA Vaping Showdown

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