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Top 4 Vaping Tricks for Beginners

There are several benefits of using vaping and liquids. This method is less harmful than smoking, which helps to quit nasty cigarettes altogether. Several studies conclude that there is no danger to secondhand vaping and liquids as well. Vaping and liquids can be fun and challenging. There are vaping competitions all over the world. But before you dive right into the competition, get started with four vaping and liquid tricks for beginners.
The Mushroom Cloud

Through the vaping and liquid world, the mushroom cloud is the easiest to master. Take a medium size drag from your vaping device. Hold it in your mouth without inhaling for a second or two. Then push a ball of cloud outside your mouth with your tongue. Once the ball of vapors leaves your mouth, suck the cloud back in. This will leave a small trail of vapors outside your mouth, appearing like a mushroom cloud or a ghost.
The Dragon Vapor and Liquid Trick

This trick is arguably one of the easiest to master. You will be the hit of the party when you perform the dragon. Inhale the vapor. Pucker your lips in the middle. Simultaneously, blow the vapor through your nostrils and the sides of your lips. You will appear to be breathing fire out of your nose and mouth. Don’t go for an entire lung inhale, just half.
The Waterfall

This trick is about as easy as the mushroom cloud. However, you will want vaping and liquid mods that produce thicker vapors to get the full effects. Find a completely flat surface. Then inhale rather deeply, letting the vapors sit for a second or two. Position your face a few inches from the flat surface. Don’t exhale, but just naturally let the mist flow outward. The vapors will stay on the table for a moment to appear like a waterfall.
The O Rings

Some believe this is one of the easiest beginning vaping and liquid tricks. Others insist it is for more experienced users. You be the judge! Fill your mouth with vapor. Make an O-like shape with your lips. With your tongue flat, slowly click the vapor out with your throat. Some people can do this immediately, while others may need some practice. Practice makes perfect, though.

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https://wfvclub.com/ | World's Finest Bridgeport |  | Top 4 Vaping Tricks for Beginners
 | World's Finest Bridgeport |  | Top 4 Vaping Tricks for Beginners

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